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Matt's Bio

Matthew C. ("Matt") Lucas was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, and lives there now with his wife, their two sons, dog, and axolotl. He writes speculative fiction that ranges from dark and epic, to droll and historic, to a lot of stuff in between. His published novels include The Mountain (Montag Press) and Yonder & Far: The Lost Lock (Ellysian Press). He has published shorter works that have appeared in Bards & Sages Quarterly, The Society of Misfit Stories, Sword & Sorcery Magazine, and Best Indie Speculative Fiction.


Matt did his undergraduate work at Florida State University and studied law at the University of Florida, Levin College of Law. Since 2015, he's been an appellate judge in the state court system. When he's not working, enjoying his family, writing, or playing the bagpipes, he can be found at the neighborhood bowling alley, an enthusiastic, if not especially talented, regular.


Disclaimer: This website and all of its contents are devoted entirely to fiction and fiction writing. There are no political or judicial communications of any kind on this website, and nothing herein should be viewed as a reflection, discussion, or comment on any ruling by any court or judicial officer. Comments to the blog are curated and subject to editing or deletion at any time.