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Matt's Occasional Writing Blog

Quick Update

Sorry it's been a while, but life's gotten very busy--work's been brisk, kids are doing a million things, and ... we got a new dog :). (Isn't she a cutie?). So here's a quick update ...


First and foremost, The Mountain is out and slowly gaining an audience. It's a big, deep book that hits at big, deep themes, and the reviews have been positive (and very much appreciated).


In other news, the good folks at Ellysian Press are editing Yonder & Far, a historical fantasy. This one's more "light" and droll (and a blast to write). There's a couple of chapters in the middle that pay homage to Patrick O'Brian, one of my favorite authors of all time.


I'm still managing about 400-500 words a day on two works in progress. The first, which is at the finish line, is a first in form for me, a novella. No, not a Spanish TV soap opera, but a story that runs somewhere between a very long short story and a short novel. This one's called Look with Your Eyes. It's a darkly humorous suspense tale set in north Florida. An acerbic, anti-social professor of folklore at Umatilla University is determined to learn the truth about humankind's hidden nemesis, the squirrel. But what she finds in the neighboring town of Oak Slough is beyond her worst nightmares. I put the novel I was working on (Godless) on hold while I finish this up. Shouldn't be too much longer, though ...

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