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Matt's Occasional Writing Blog

Happy Halloween!


All Hallow's Eve.

Festival of Pumpkin Spice.


It's that magical time of the year when we give a nod to all things pagan, gorge on prepackaged candy, and binge watch cheesy 80's horror movies. When shadows seem darker, and passing breezes feel spookier, and the moon looks ... moonier. Easily my favorite holiday.


On the writing front, I'm pleased to announce I just (re)sold a short story that will be appearing in a coming "best of" anthology. Bards & Sages Publishing will be releasing their annual Best Indie Speculative Fiction, Volume IV, and my story, Coin, will appear alongside some really talented spec fiction writers. Look for it this December. Here's the link.




Wishing you and yours a safe and scary Halloween!


- Matt

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